Why You Must Convert Your Car to Run on Electricity

Oil, the biggest problem of the modern people. We all like having and driving cars, but the oil reserves are limited. So what to do? It’s simple actually, convert your car to electricity and start protecting the environment while you save thousands of dollars. People like you and me are already using electric power as fuel for their cars and you can’t imagine how much they are saving.

I know exactly how much can you save by using electricity to power your car and I want to share it with you.

The average cost per kW is 20 cents, and an electric car uses somewhere around 30 kW for 100 Miles. After doing some math you can realize that if you use an electric car you spend 6 $ to drive 100 Miles instead of the average 16$ if you use a conventional car. I made the calculations on an average 25 MPG. You can now understand that you can save 10$ every 100 Miles.

Now, I don’t know how much you are driving but I am driving around 200 Miles every day because I have a business that needs me. I can’t say that I use my electric car every day, because my home-built electric car only runs 100 Miles per charge but I know some guides that show you how to convert your car to electricity and drive it up to 150 Miles but I just don’t have the time to read and implement them. Of course I use the car, but only when I go to the mall, or to the store, or when I am going to a picnic with my family. You should also know that the electric cars are easier to maintain and they run quieter and they don’t pollute.

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