Why Hybrid Automobiles Require Less Maintenance Than Conventional Cars

Hybrid cars are getting a lot of attention from consumers looking to purchase a new car. One reason is that they use less gas and therefore save you a lot of money at the pumps. However, their popularity is not just based on their fuel saving design, they also require less maintenance than that of their conventional cousins.

It can be frustrating to have to take time off from work to go to the mechanic for maintenance checks and repairs. It is equally frustrating to use up part of your weekends for this as well. Owning a Hybrid helps you to avoid this frustration, thanks to their unique design. There are various features that contribute to these benefits.

One reason is that they have fewer parts than conventional cars. For example, the Hybrid vehicle does not have a starter. A car that has fewer parts requires less maintenance and less maintenance means less expense. Another important factor is that the engine is smaller, between 10 to 20 horsepower and designed to run more efficiently by using only one speed.

The generator runs on a separate, gas powered motor and contributes to the lesser need for maintenance. It also does things that conventional vehicles need additional parts for. The generator handles 80 percent of the braking, which helps to extend the life of the brake system. It does this in several ways, such as preserving brake fluid. Brake fluid can be contaminated by the effects of over heating, so by minimizing the heat exposure, the life of the brake fluid is extended. The lesser heat usage also helps reduce the risk of warped rotors. By the generator taking on more tasks, the battery usage is less and therefore will have to be replaced less often.

Another great feature that the design offers is that the air conditioner runs off of electricity and not gas. The steering system is superior in that it is also electric and does not require a belt the way hydraulic systems do. It also provides a smoother ride on rough road surfaces.

Other maintenance saving features are that the valve system requires no adjustments and the injectors don’t have to be cleaned.

Hybrid vehicles offer longer warranties that also include the battery. This definitely adds to their attraction. The Prius, offered by Toyota, offers an eight year or 100,000 mile warranty that includes the hybrid system. The Honda Insight warranty offers 8 years or 80,000 miles and includes the power train.

When considering purchasing a new vehicle, definitely think about owning a hybrid. They require less maintenance than the conventional cars and therefore save you money and time spent at the auto shop. They are much more fuel efficient, and offer attractive warranties.

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