TVS Jive Review

TVS Motors launched the Jive clutchless bike a few months back. But does it make sense to buy one?

Today, traffic conditions in India has become crazy. There are so many vehicles on the road, in spite of just 2% of the population owing 4 wheelers. Driving or riding in traffic can cause a lot of harm, such as ache in the hand and legs and mental strain. Amongst all this, TVS Motors has launched the Jive clutchless bike. The Jive is the first bike to not have a clutch and still has gears. Yes the Jive features 4 gears. So how does this work? How can you shift without activating a clutch with your left hand.

What TVS has done is, integrated the clutch mechanism in the gears itself. So when you shift the bike into gear, it first activates the clutch. This means every time you change gears, you are actually engaging the clutch before anything else. What it does though is give your left hand a lot of rest, which when you consider the traffic situations nowadays is a terrific advantage of this bike.

TVS has given the tag line of no tension bike to the Jive and seeing the way it behaves in traffic, the Jive truly lives by its tagline. Priced at Rs. 50,000, the Jive delivers close to 60kmpl in regular city riding and offers a great alternative to commuters who are looking at relaxed riding and getting from place A to B with no stress.

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