Tunturi Exercise Bike Reviews

Cycling is one of the most popular and useful workout regimens that a person can do, especially if he wants to lose weight and keep fit. This is also a good way to build resistance when training for an athletic meet or competition, since it is less stressful to the person’s joints and muscles. Because of this, sales of exercise bikes have been on the rise. There are a lot of fitness equipment companies that are out there, Tunturi is one of them.

Tunturi is a Finnish bicycle and fitness equipment manufacturer whose history started way back in the year 1922. They are most popular in Europe but are gaining momentum is other countries as well. The company’s main focus where doing bike repairs at first, and then they started adding some small-scale production and manufacturing Tunturi bicycles and stationary bicycles on a larger scale.

What sets the Tunturi exercise bikes apart from the other brands out in the market is that each machine has an innovative and ergonomic design that can be used for exercising and training while having optimum comfort. These exercise bikes also feature the exclusive and very user-friendly Tunturi monitor which provides you with many options and a wide array of functions. It has the Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs which can be used for an efficient, but especially safe, training.

There is also a chest strap that you can use for an accurate heart rate measurement which is included in the bike’s accessories. Another great feature that is included is the 3.8″ LCD T-Ride display console which can be used to be able track your workout time, speed, distance, heart rate, energy consumption and effort. The display console has a program which has profiles that are landscapes, where the slope angle of the machine affects the training intensity, just like it would if you were cycling outdoors.

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