Top 10 Cars in India

Nowadays the cars in India are getting manufactured more in number because of the increase in demand for cars. Thus we also have foreign manufacturers started manufacturing so many cars that suits Indian population. The latest trend among cars in India is that automatic gear box.

Hyundai i10: This car in India was launched in Nov 2007 and it was a major hit because of its appearance and look and also cheaper consumption of fuel. This car attracted lots of middle class people as it was economy monetary wise and also it was a compact car for smaller families.

Hyundai Verna: This car is also consists of automatic gear box and also it had an increased sales compared to other new cars India.

Honda City: This car was one of the first cars in C segment with automation process. Honda city car with automatic gear box was sold faster compared to those with manual gear box.

Honda Accord: Most of the manufactured by Honda Accord with automatic gearbox were sold immediately compared with others. The Indians also have clearly understood that the automatic gear box is very comfortable than the other manual stuffing.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Benz are getting sold in a higher percentage in India. Among the highest sales, only the automatic system was sold in higher percentage compared to the old process. Even in a research they have proved that a car that is getting sold in higher percentage is only with automatic gearbox.

Skoda Superb: The word super comes only with the Skoda with automatic gear box. It is one of the most luxurious sold in India in larger numbers.

Skoda Laura: Sales of this car is also high nowadays. The cost price between the automatic gear and manual gear is just narrowed by all car manufacturers. So the buyer does not mind giving a little amount higher for these automatic gear India.

Chevrolet Captiva: One among the new is this Chevrolet Captiva. This car also comes with automated process.

Mahindra Scorpio: With both automatic and manual gear box. The manual is sold in more number because in this car it is economical compared to the automatic gearbox. This car also comes with auto engaged modes for best driving. It is denoted N & W. N for normal driving and M for driving in manual mode.

Volkswagen Jetta: Both automatic and manual is available, but customers prefer automatic compared to manual.

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