The ErockIT Bike

ErockIT is a very popular kind of electric bike, electric bikes actually being a very surprising but also very popular technological innovation in the world bike industry. Electric bikes are bikes which are powered by motors and they are battery powered, being sold more and more throughout the entire world.

The ErockIT can reach the speed of eighty kilometres per hour, which is quite a lot given the fact that an average electric bike can only work at thirty-two kilometres per hour. Although it weight one hundred ten kilograms, the ErockIT electric bike features pedals. Some scooters also have pedals, but what makes ErockIT different is the fact that it doesn’t have a motor working on internal combustion. The motor of this electric bike is powered by the rider’s motion energy. The secret of this process is to be found within the perimeter of the frame, the energy obtained by pedalling being multiplied fifty times so that ErockIT can reach the incredible speed of eighty kilometres per hour.

ErockIT accelerates according to the speed with which the rider pedals. It seems that the motorbike does not feature any batteries, but its motor has thirteen power horses. This project was initiated by the German Stefan Gulas, who has already tested four ErockITs. His aim is to launch a series of ten pieces for his potential clients. Such an offer has to be confirmed with a quarter of a million euros, which is quite an impressive amount of money, the motorbike costing just as much as a BMW 3rd series. Given these prices which have been promoted, this project is one that doesn’t really seem to make a blast so far. However, if you are interested and you dispose of this kind of money, ErockIT may turn out to be an alternative for you some time from now.

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