The Charging System of the Electric Car

The electric car solely runs on electric batteries. There is no gasoline to be burnt into fuel. All the motive power of the car comes from the battery. The battery for the electric car is specially made and will not run down easily. You can go miles and miles without recharging.

The battery system works by the simple process of turning electrical to mechanical energy. It is usually a collection of special batteries, packed at the rear side of the car.

Many people had asked if they could use solar panels to power electric car. Technically, it is feasible but there isn’t enough room at the top of the car to install that number of panels which will generate enough power to power the electric car.

The batteries in the electric car can be charged using an ordinary AC outlet at home. This method is very simple and cheaper but it will take long to get full charge because the home AC system has not been made for a quick recharge of the batteries. More and more people are using the commercial charger like Magnum to recharge their batteries. These are faster and can give a full recharge in minutes.

Though the electric car run solely on electric batteries. Not much is expended when the vehicle is in motion. Infact, the battery consumption during such situations is just 50 amps. This means only a small part of the battery’s energy leaves the system.

You can have some charging with the car’s regenerative braking system,. When the driver steps on the car;s brakes, the system charges the batteries for a moment, restoring energy to the car’s battery.

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