Tango Electric Car

The Tango electric car may not look like it at first glance, but it basically a high end electric sports car. The Tango is a low profile car…turned 90 degrees. The design takes advantage of battery weight to provide a low center of gravity that works better than it looks. This is particularly effective considering a lead acid battery pack only 11 inches off of the ground.

The Tango uses 2-9″ DC motors to provide forward thrust, and thrust it does. The car does well at the drag strip and has beat the Tesla Roadster to the finish line by up to a few tenths of a second. It will hit 60 mph is around 4 seconds. The Tango may do well at the strip, but it seems unlikely that it could follow the Tesla around rally course for long.

In other performance specs, a top speed over 170 mph can be had. A range of 150 miles is listed with the Li-Ion battery pack. This 49 kWh energy storage unit will run the owner around $1,000 per kWh or $50,000.

The Tango may be quick, but it is not too efficient. It uses over 300 watt hr/mile; about a third less than the Tesla Roadster. The Tango weighs more, and is less streamlined than the Roadster.

One of the other outstanding characteristics of the Tango EV is the price. The car retails for somewhere around $110,000 depending on the battery pack. Get ready to put $10,000 down to hold one. No problem for those with the cash.

If the buyer decides to finance the thin car, the payments will be something like those for a house. Here is an example of possible payments:

Tango Model T600 Electric Car:

Down payment: $10,000

Loan Amount: $100,000

Car loan interest rate: 6.81%

Loan Period in Months: 48

Monthly Payment: $2,385

Same loan over 5 years:


And over 7 years:


Add in the $53, 000 – 49 KWh battery pack and your monthly payments look something like this:

48 months – $3,340

60 months – $2,759

72 months – $2,374

If you are interested, the manufacturer of the Tango electric car is taking orders. Contact Commutercars.com for the forms.

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