New Innovations in Bike Accessories

Avid cyclists may appreciate finding and using the newest innovations in bike accessories. Manufacturers are continually pushing the envelope, utilizing technology to create new gadgets for bicycles. Explore new inventions to find items that will make your riding experience more enjoyable and challenging.

Extra Power

Electric bicycles can provide extra power to give cyclists more miles or speed. Some people prefer the manual style, however. If you would like to incorporate extra power only when you need it on the steepest hills, there’s a new option for you. These innovative gadgets mount easily on the seat post. When you need a boost, simply flip a switch and a roller lowers into place, so it touches the top of the rear tire. When you’re done and ready to pedal on your own power, move it back up, so it no longer touches the tire.

Built-in Front and Rear Lights

Lights are important bike accessories for cyclists who ride in the dark. However, these lights can create clutter on the handlebars. It’s also possible to lose them due to theft and damage. Instead of using auxiliary lighting, consider installing handlebars with built-in front and rear lights. These lights are less obtrusive, and they are less likely to be damaged. Some designs even have built-in GPS and speedometer abilities. Choose from multi-color bulbs for added features.

Computer-Controlled Suspension

Hitting bumps and potholes on the bike is never pleasant. Some cycle designs have featured computer-controlled suspension, but it’s never been available as a separate accessory. Convert an existing fork to a computer-controlled design. An integrated accelerometer will be able to detect and immediately adjust to cushion you against jolts and jars.

Frame-Mounted Locking System

When it’s time to secure your bicycle, an innovative frame-mounted locking system will keep it safe from theft. This specific type of lock mounts directly to the frame and enables you to lock it wirelessly with an app for your smartphone. A special detector in the program will alert you if the bicycle moves while it’s locked. You will get a notification if someone cuts the cable. A piercing alarm will interrupt the theft while you get an emergency notification sent to your phone. You can even track your cycle’s whereabouts with a GPS tracking chip.

Hand-Crank for More Power

Extra power is never a bad thing. Imagine pumping yourself up the steepest hills in record speed, thanks to a hand crank on your handlebars. Adding an arm to your power will not only increase your speed, but it will also increase your workout. You can work arm muscles in addition to working your legs.

Handlebar-Mounted GPS

Instead of using your smartphone’s GPS system to navigate cycling trips, install a handlebar-mounted GPS. The simple display enables you to track your progress, anticipate turns, and note when you will arrive at your destination. These low-profile GPS gadgets keep clutter to a minimum on handlebars.

Get the latest and most innovative bike accessories for your bicycle to increase your workout and your enjoyment.

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