Jamis Bikes – Are They Worth a Look?

Jamis Bikes Background

Jamis Bikes is owned by the parent company G. Joannou Cycles who's CEO is Carol Joannou. In the early 90's, Jamis bikes was bought by G. Joannou Cycle in a bold move which led to them being known as one of the most highly known bicycle brands in the United States.

Jamis boasts a fun, caring yet meticulous culture with a mission and vision statement that aims for nothing short of perfection. The wide selection of bikes they create and distribute include road, hybrid, comfort, commuter bikes.

Jamis Bike Comparisons

Many people claim Jamis Bikes offer great value for money, unlike their fellow manufacturers, who charge a overcharge for their emblem. Jamis show off their skills in their reliable and conservative designs and their use of components without charging over the going rate. Infact, They are one of the most affordable on the market compared to others such as Specialized and Trek.

The frames are generally well designed and the components used reflect the price paid for the bike. They are generally a good buy, with more bang-for-the-buck than the more heavily promoted brands like Trek and Specialized. The low-end frames of all three companies are made in the Far East.

Quality and features tend to be pretty competitive in the $ 300-500 range, and differences between bike brands are often less important than the differences between the places that sell them.

Concluding Comments on Jamis Bikes

With a wide variety of models to choose from suitable for every occasion the Jamis 09 range could be the most exciting yet and should stand them in good stead to win even more bicycle awards. Among the 09 range of bicycles, Jamis has unveiled the Jamis Commuter 4, Xenith T2, DakarBam II and the Eclipse.

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