Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEV

With the progress of science and novel technological developments being introduced, transportation and vehicles have also been affected by these gradual technological changes positively. In the contemporary world, vehicles are the most significant means of communication making commuting across distant locations easier and less time consuming. It is necessary to note here that in recent times while the number of vehicles has grown considerably, increased carbon emissions and noise pollution have proved detrimental for the greenery and the environment has been badly affected because of its side effects. Moreover, they have also affected human health increasing the spate of respiratory problems as a rest of inhaling impure air.

Therefore, the need of the hour is to ensure that transports and vehicles do not adversely affect the environment and at the same time are efficient in terms of functioning. In such cases, the hybrid vehicle has emerged as a very popular and useful mode of transport. The term hybrid vehicle denotes those vehicles which make use of two or more power sources. Hybrid electric vehicles or HEVs are such vehicles which are instrumental in propagating better fuel economy than traditional vehicles by making use of an on-board rechargeable energy storage system or RESS. A hybrid electric vehicle possesses electric batteries which are necessary to provide power to the electric motors and most importantly they have an internal combustion engine or ICE. However, in recent times it has also been noticed that certain hybrid electric vehicles make use of the combustion engine to produce electricity with the aid of an electrical generator which spins and this is useful in providing power to run the electric motor or in recharging the battery. Some other variants of the hybrid electric vehicles also can result in increasing the charge in their batteries by helping confine kinetic energy by means of regenerative braking.

The most prevalent components of the hybrid electric vehicles are gasoline engines derived form petroleum and many variations are possible in this respect by drawing in form various renewable energy resources. In case of diesel-electric hybrid vehicles, diesel engines are the ones put into use. These hybrid electric vehicles are very well known for their strength and durability and batteries are durable over long periods of time. Moreover, the beneficial effects in preventing pollution and its environment friendly nature have further facilitated its popularity. Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles are the latest innovations which is capable of being charged form an electrical power grid.

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