Hybrid Cars – Pros and Cons

People these days are becoming more open to buying a hybrid car, both because of high fuel costs and environmental awareness. Standard vehicles can be very expensive to fill up at the gas station and put large amounts of pollutants into the air.

A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that run off two or more separate fuel sources. The most common being gas and electric, with several other types also being used today. They come it two different types, called series hybrids and parallel. A Series uses the gas engine to either charge batteries for the electric motor, or run a generator that powers electric motor. A Parallel uses both the gas and electric motors together to power the vehicle. Basically, in a series, the electric motor is the only one that turns the wheel. A parallel relies on both motors to turn the wheels.

With the combination of the gas and electric motors, they burn much less gas when driving in the city, this can add up to a savings of more than $500 worth of gas over a single year. This also means that you get much better gas mileage than any standard vehicle on the road. Burning less fuel makes them a great choice for the environment as well, the average produces about 80% less emissions than a standard vehicle.

One of the drawbacks that some people have a problem with is the difference in power and speed. A standard vehicle out performs a hybrid in both speed and power, usually by quite a bit. So if you’re daily driving requires that extra get up and go, sticking with a standard vehicle would probably be the better option for you.

The cost tends to be slightly higher than a standard vehicle, but they also usually retain a greater resale value and will save you that gas money. Some fuel efficient vehicles can also qualify for tax benefits or other incentives. The overall costs involved is a much argued aspect, but most expert come to a draw between standard vehicles and hybrids. Each has their own pluses and choice really comes down to your own personal preferences and driving habits.

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