How to Introduce Your Family to Your Boyfriend

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for almost three months and you think it’s time to introduce him to your parents. The best way to set up this introduction is to start early with open communication. Call your mom to talk about this special person in your life when he makes you feel giddy and excited. She’ll see how crazy in love he makes you and give him cognitive brownie points. It’s also very important to stress the nice things your boyfriend does for you to your father as well. Every father likes to know that his daughter is being pampered like a princess, especially if you’re the youngest daughter. If your dad thinks that your boyfriend thinks the world of you, than your dad will think the world of him.

You also want to make sure you don’t introduce the guy too early in the relationship. This could freak him out and make him think that you are trying to get serious too quickly. If he starts thinking that your main interest is family and perhaps you’re already thinking about having a family with him, he may bolt faster than lightning. Another reason you don’t want to introduce him to the parents too early is because it may become a habit. If you have a history of dating a lot of guys and you bring them all home to meet your folks, then your folks won’t think he’s anything special and they’ll write him off from the get-go because they’ve seen this happen so many times before. That’s why it is important for girls to be choosy who they bring home to mom and dad.

So once you are sure that you want your boyfriend to meet you parents, then you should pick the right setting. You don’t want them to meet anywhere too loud, too intense, or too awkward. The prefect parental date would be dinner but have your beau come to your parents house first. This will give him a minute or two to chat it up with your mom and dad and become part of the group. Then you can all go to the restaurant united together, as opposed to two different sides meeting at the table. It may sound silly, but in the human psyche this lift of separation makes a difference.

At dinner, you want to keep the topics light and keep your boyfriend involved. Hopefully your parents know boyfriend-meeting-etiquette and don’t bring up your past trysts. You focus on bringing up topics that you know will make your boyfriend shine when he discusses them. For example, if your boyfriend is a democrat and so is your father then you choose to bring up the upcoming election. They will instantly click without the faintest idea that you set up the conversation on purpose. As long as you keep the conversation going and just let you and your boyfriend be yourselves, then your parents will be able to see the love and they’ll easily accept him into their family with open arms.

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