How Mountain Biking Is Becoming Everyone’s Favourite Sport

Mountain biking is gaining popularity quickly. You can see bikes everywhere and it is becoming a popular option for exercise and recreation. Mountain bikes are meant for rough terrain and can traverse most other terrains too. Adventure and thrill seekers took to mountain biking like a fish takes to water.

Mountain bikes find favour with urban rider too and they also eliminate the usual obstacles from the path of travel. No more potholes and bad roads to worry about. Mountain bike riders use their bikes for a lot of day to day activities and for commuting to and fro from work. Advanced mountain bikers participate in competitions and activities. New races and competitions have been started for mountain bike riders.

One of the most popular biking competitions is the cross country races. There is usually more than 30 miles of cycling action and covers a variety of terrains to up the challenge. These races usually have a large number of racers take off at the same time. It is very similar to a marathon. People also get to see riders ride some popular bike models like the Scott Scale 20 and the Scott Spark 60. The popularity of these races is growing steadily.

For the thrill seekers, downhill racing is the ultimate racing style. Downhill races usually have bikers hurtling down a hillside while deftly avoiding the obstacles an inhospitable terrain. In this sport, crashes and injuries are commonplace. The racers compete with others to race down a hill and get the best time. This is very similar to skiing on mountain slopes. In some cases, these skiing slopes are used for downhill racing during the warm months. Professional grade bikes like the Scott Scale 29 are a regular feature here. Only professional riders who have tested their skills in other terrains and have built a reputation for themselves go in for downhill racing. These races aren’t for the average rider.

Dirt jumping is rising up the popularity charts very quickly. Dirt jumping is very similar to the BMX racing. While these are not races, points are awarded for creativity and for the stunts. This is an extreme sport where riders perform amazing stunts while their bikes shoot in to the air. A rider doing flips in mid-air is a common sight here. These competitions are regularly featured on the television.

That leaves us with bike trails. Bike trails are another form of extreme biking that involve negotiating obstacles across a very tough and seemingly impossible terrain without letting the feet touch the ground. Bike trails require riders to balance their bikes on obstacles like rails and boulders. The objective is to complete the course faster than the other riders.

Mountain biking is riding a wave of popularity and the number of people adopting it is rising rapidly. Extreme mountain biking is not for the novices but it certainly has captured the imagination of the people. People are slowly getting familiar with mountain biking and are warming to the simpler options available like the recreational biking. In some parts of the world, people have taken to using mountain bikes to commute short distances to reduce their carbon footprint. They’re doing their part. It’s time for you to do yours. Let’s go mountain biking!

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