Global Warming and Electric Vehicles

Global warming something everybody should be concerned about, aware about, worried about. If you don’t care about the fate of our planet than carry on with your life, But if you do care and I know you do then lets all try to help the cause. Lets all help save energy it will help your planet and it will help save money in your wallet.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earths near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. Global warming is a complex phenomenon, and its full-scale impacts are hard to predict far in advance. The most respected scientific bodies have stated unequivocally that global warming is occurring, and people are causing it by burning fossil fuels (like coal, oil and natural gas) and cutting down forests.

But many believe Global warming is a load of baloney. The notion that global warming is manmade is absolutely ridiculous. Does this prove global warming is a “hoax”. Like those who are criticizing us, we believe that rising global temperatures are a man-made phenomenon and that global warming is an important issue to solve. Regardless of what your view is it probably not a bad idea to recycle, to conserve energy to stop useless waste. All this will save money in your pocket and help keep our planet green.

Energy efficient electric hybrid vehicles produced here in America and other foreign countries are great alternative to gas vehicles they are clean cheap to operate after the initial expense. And is a great start for people that are looking to help save the planet. Unfortunately with today’s economy not many people can afford these great hybrid vehicles. But an alternative and maybe not for everybody is electric cycles. They are considered one of the cleanest forms of transportation today.

· Electric Bicycles or mountain bike you can pedal and get plenty of exercise and if you get tired our just want to cruse you can use the power assist electric motor, its battery operated and can hold a good charge its very clean and quite.

· Electric Scooters they come in kid sizes as well as adult sizes. Kid scooters are like push scooters but they don’t have to push; you just scoot around the neighborhood kids love them, and make great gifts. Adult sit down scooters are faster and come smaller to larger sizes, also a lot of fun and save energy at the same time.

· Electric Mopeds Are larger and faster can go as fast as 60 mph. They come in different sizes and are quite stylish. They can be used for commutes to work, school or shopping and a great recreational vehicle. They are very inexpensive to operate. A great clean green electric vehicle.

Whatever you drive, whatever you do to keep the environment clean I am sure future generations will appreciate it I know I will. Go Green save the Planet.

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