Electric Cars – Engines That Are Driving Electricity Prices Up, Up, And Away

Ever stopped to think what all the fuss is about over rising electrical prices.

“Electric Cars”

A big leap forward with a range of sought after benefits not only for the electric car owner but also for the environment.

There is no doubt that a significant switch over from fossil fuel to electric will occur in the next 10 years, but I expect that they will be on our roads much sooner than expected particularly the hybrids.

Battery Technology:

Battery technology is the key to the success of the electric engine. Every advance in battery technology directly relates to engine power, weight, and range.

Electric Engine:

Engine development is constantly being improved and upgraded as new techniques and materials become available. The use of rare earth elements for the production of engine components is continually being advanced. Again this directly relates to both the engine power, weight and range.

Clean and Simple:

The electric car is far cleaner and less complicated to run than its fossil fuel counterpart. The benefits of removing fossil fuels from motoring will have massive benefits for our already fragile world environment.

Vehicle air-conditioning and other electric devices:

The power demand of air-conditioning and associated vehicle electronic devices will come at a very high price, dramatically reducing the range per charge. Any power hungry equipment will have to be addressed before the vast majority of us are prepared to make the switch.

Fossil Fuel Electric/Hybrid:

The hybrid is at the moment the best practical compromise between both electric and fossil fuel types, and yes it is a breeze at powering both heating and air-conditioning should it be required.

Electricity Prices:

The switch over from petrol to battery electric will almost certainly see a dramatic rise in electricity as demand for both domestic and commercial sources skyrocket. if one day someone flicked a switch and everyone swapped from fossil fuel to a fully electric car, then the electricity demand and pricing would be sent into orbit and on a global scale.

Global Economy Shift:

In time there will be a shift in the global economy from fossil fuel to electricity as more and more electric cars come online.


Cleaner, greener, quieter, simpler, less maintenance, less complex than petrol engines, easily recharged at a fraction of the cost of its petrol counterpart. Ideal for short distances over the day. Does not use any fuel while stuck in traffic.


Limited driving range without a recharge, currently there are only a small number of recharge stations. Recharges can be timely, often over 1 hour. Not practical for long distance commuting such as 100km without a recharge. Batteries are heavy and expensive should they require replacement after their use by date.

A rise in electricity prices as demand is switched from fossil fuels to electric. Air conditioning and other electronic motoring devices will come at a high price heavily impacting on the range of the electric cars.

Battery disposal will be the main issue facing electric cars and their environment.


Currently the hybrid is the best option, providing a cleaner greener performance with plenty of mechanical stamina for long distance driving and extra energy to power the growing list of electric devices such as air-conditioning, heating, radio, DVD, headlights, wipers, GPS, electric windows, locking, reversing camera – The list goes on.

There is no shortage of demand; the advance of better energy production is the only thing holding us back, something that will take up a lot of research, development, and most of all precious time.

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