Electric Cars and the Price of Gas

The price of gas is on the rise again, in August of 1990 the nationwide average price of a gallon of regular gas was $ 119.10. The lowest price seen since then was in Feb 1999, when it was an astounding 88.5 cents a gallon. In June 2008 it went over a wallet crushing $ 4.00 a gallon. Here are some gas price milestones:

  • Feb 1999 – 88.5 cents (you will never see this again)
  • March 2000 – $ 151.1
  • May 2004 – $ 202.6
  • Aug 2005 – $ 251.9
  • Sept 2005 – $ 303.7
  • April 2008 – $ 356.6
  • June 2008 – $ 400.7 (ouch!)

In the 1990's electric cars were more of a novelty, something tinkerers with a lot of time on their hands built, but that had little practical use. At the beginning of the new millennium there was a new realization that maybe electric cars were something that had real value, by 2008 the idea of ​​having an electric car was becoming quite popular. The problem for most people was that it was very difficult to buy an electric car, companies that build these cars have been increasing, but the very high cost of these vehicles put them beyond the reach of most people.

Today it has become practical to convert a car to electric power, all you need is a car and a good manual to guide you through the process. A good manual will have links to various sites that are parts suppliers, chapters on motors, controllers, batteries, and wiring schematics. It should be completely illustrated and be written in a clear and easy to understand manner. Gas Prices may seem to have stabilized right now, but think about this, prices have risen over 250% in the last ten years, has your income risen by that much? This is not going to change, the time of cheap gas is over and will never be back, so don't you think it is about time to do something before $ 50- $ 100 fill ups return.

Now is the time to join the thousands of people who have already converted to an electric car, It is not as difficult as you may imagine with the right Electric Car Manual , so get started today and in a short time you can have your own clean running zero emission car.

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