Electric Car Kits – Easy System to Convert Your Car to Run on Electricity and Save Gasoline Cost

If you are a car owner, running your vehicle has become more expensive compared to last year. Gasoline prices at the local station have reached a new height thus our fuel expense bill has become larger. Some have no choice but to abandon their car at home and use the public transportation. Are there any ways to reduce a car fuel expense? One suggestion is to convert your car into an electric vehicle. How does the process work? This article will reveal some information on the process of converting an internal combustion engine vehicle into an electric car.

Most people never imaging they will be driving an electric car. Electric vehicle are not very exotic. Golfers have been driving electric carts around the green when they tee off. The idea is to replace the internal combustion engine with a DC electric motor. Modern electric motor can generate enough forces to propel a vehicle forward and achieve substantial speed. Power for the motor is supplied by a series of lead acid flooded batteries. How many batteries required will depend on the type of electric motor connected and the weight of the car. To act as an accelerator, a current regulator is used. The regulator will control the speed of the motor. Finally, all the components are connected to a central circuit board. The circuit board is to monitor the condition of the motor, the batteries and acts as a safety switch if there is a problem in the system.

If you are not familiar with car parts, all these information may sound like Greek to you. What you can do is to outsource the conversion process to a mechanic. What is required is for you to know some basic knowledge behind the science of electric car kits. With knowledge at hand, you will know when you are charged for work of parts that you do not need. There are many electric car retrofitting guides that you can refer to online.

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