E-Bikes – An Emerging Pollution Free Mode of Transport

In today’s time, pollution and fuel prices are the major concern in front of us. A simple solution to this is Electric Bikes that are increasing very rapidly in today’s time as it the best and cheap, pollution free mode of transport. People are really enjoying beach bikes, electric bikes for their pleasure. It is a two-wheeled vehicle fitted with a battery and is an innovative approach in pollution free vehicles.

Unlike the other ordinary bikes, mopeds and other transportation, the electric motorcycles are powered by batteries. These, e-bikes are the best solution for air pollution and making the earth a better place to live in. and also in comparison with other bikes, these are very light weighted.

As compared with other fuel based bikes, the electric bikes are quite expensive. A brand new electric motorcycle with 48 Volt SLA Battery will cost around $7000 and this cost increases as the range increases. In spite of this high cost, it is considered as the most viable option for a pollution free and joyful ride. These pollution free E-bikes are easily available at different online stores and can be purchased at a single click. These sources provide a wide range of bikes for our choice. You can also go with authorized dealers to purchase these.

A potential business opportunity lies in this pollution free mode of transport. The various parts of this e-bike like sheet metal & tubular parts, plastic & PP parts, drive train parts, electric & lighting accessories, dealer and service equipments provides a good business opportunity over there.

Research is going on and is the challenging task to reduce the cost of these vehicles and produce these components in mass so that the cost goes down and lead to more sales of electric bikes & vehicles. This reduces the hazardous emissions, noise pollution which leads to pollution-free Earth.

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