Downhill Mountain Bike Tips

Downhill biking is a real adrenalin pumping thrill packed ride which has the most addictive effect among all the mountain biking sports. The speed of descent is the real thriller which requires a sufficiently high degree of skill and practice, without which this sport can turn into a violent disaster. That is why it is essential for those who are new to this sport to exercise extra caution when participating in this kind of a venture.

The best would be to gradually advance in your skills by first practicing it on easier slops and after acquiring the necessary skills, advance to the next level.

Tip # 1

When attempting downhill biking, always wear your protective gear which will ensure your safety.

Tip # 2

Take the trouble of first checking out your track on foot and note any obstacles which you are likely to encounter in the path. This will help you in planning your ride later and nothing will come up as a surprise to you. Those who do not adhere to this often in their early riding days end up in an ambulance.

Tip # 3

It is a good idea that you forget that you have a front break at all. Even by mistake do not apply your front breaks as this would have you topple immediately as your weight will always be towards the forward end of the bike and you will be thrown off on the application of your front breaks.

Tip # 4

Practice fluttering or controlling your speed with the continuously applying and releasing your rear breaks to maintain a controlled speed of your bike. If you do not do this your speed will continue to increase with the passage of time and it will end in a disaster at the end of the trail or you are likely to lose control on the way.

Tip # 5

Select a bike which has a center of gravity at the center and near the base of the bike and full suspension as it will help you maintain your proper balance.

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