DIY Hybrid Car – 3 Things You Will Reduce

There are 3 things that you need to be aware of when running your car on water. When you modify your car to be able to use water and gas as fuel at the same time you will notice that your bills of gas and maintenance will reduce significantly. Read the 3 things that will be reduced when you convert your car to run on water:

1. Carbon Monoxide Emission

By converting your car to run on water you will be reducing your fuel emission significantly. This means that your car will emit less carbon monoxide to the atmosphere as well as other harmful gases such as hydro carbon and nitrogen oxides.

Before these gases reach the atmosphere they are accumulated ground level causing many pulmonary diseases and breathing difficulties.

2. Global Warming

Global Warming is a world wide issue that people need to be aware of. Glaciers are melting, changes in the environment are every time more obvious, new diseases are coming out from no where.

But all this is not happening from nothing, pollution, pollution, pollution. Pollution is the main reason all these is happening, however there are many ways on taking part on to solve this problem. One of the ways is changing your old, used car to burn on hydrogen.

Do you want a better solution? Buy a new car, with this you will spend at least $17,000.00 dollars and most likely you don’t want to do that. By converting your existing car or diesel truck to burn water you can contribute to preventing Global Warming.

Hopefully there will be good new owners like yourself converting their cars to run on hydrogen so we can see a positive effect on our environments.

3. Cost and Maintenance

With a little bottle of water connected correctly to your car, it will run for hundreds of miles reducing the necessity to stop at a gas station twice a week. This will bring more money to your pocket including the fact that when running your car on water your engine will run smoother, cleaner and more fuel efficient than never before.

Well, there you go. I hope you like the idea on cutting some bills in half, or maybe more. Me, personally, I love the idea of taking the extra money I save from gas to buy my favorite treat.

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