Cycling Equipment

When starting a new hobby it can be very difficult to know what you may have to purchase. I've written the following article for anyone who wishes to start cycling on a regular basis either for leisure and enjoyment or training towards an event or competition. I hope the following article helps.

Obviously before you purchase anything else you'll need a bike! Dependant on what you'll need it for you may wish to purchase the following variations of bikes-

• Folding Bikes- this style is great for people who wish to travel to work as it can be easily folded down when you don't need to use it. It's also great for people who wish to leisure ride but have a very small car.
• BMX- this is great for people who wish to do stunt riding but not for people who wish to leisure ride as the seat position is considerably lower which would be uncomfortable for long distances.
• Cyclo Cross- for winter use, designed so that mud doesn't get caught and has extra grip tires for use on muddy ground and ice.
• Jump Bikes- This is strong and durable for the constant jump use and has extra build in suspension to absorb the movement.
• Hybrid- is based between a road and mountain style. This is great for leisure and commuting.

There are also many more such as Road, Mountain, Single Speed, Triathlon, Trails, Touring and Tandems.

You will also need to purchase-

• Tights / Trousers
• Saddle Pads
• Helmets
• Pedal Shoes,
• Lights.

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