Can You Take an All-Electric Car Through a Carwash?

Previously, there was some talk in the carwash industry, and also with those automobile engineers in Detroit who had come up with a 42 fold electrical scheme for future automobiles about the challenges of washing the car. After all, if you’re washing the car and for some reason something goes wrong and you get zapped with 42 V of electricity, that’s not very funny. And the big joke became; “getting electrocuted while washing your car.”

In any case the 42 V electrical concept of increasing the voltage on a car did not come into play, and did not take hold in the industry, and perhaps that’s a good thing. After all most of the components and component makers are already making 12 V systems for all the cars and it makes things very complicated if one or two models have the new system, and all the suppliers now have to make specialty components to match those systems.

Is it possible to get electrocuted? I suppose if something went wrong it would be possible, but it still would be highly unlikely. Having been in the carwash industry, and in and around it for about 30 years, I’ve only had a few instances where I’ve been shocked while working on a car. So I suppose it’s possible, but it’s so unlikely it’s really an irrelevant conversation. What about hybrid cars can you take a hybrid car through the carwash? Yes you can, and most of the hybrids like the Nissan Leif, Chevy volt, and Toyota Prius all have a certain mode the car is set on when you go to the carwash.

They do this for safety, and for concerns that people have, and that engineers had brought up, but mostly it’s just a way over the top safety feature, to prevent lawsuits, and make everyone feel good. It basically turns the car off, and puts it in a mode where everything is locked down, so nothing can happen even if water gets up to the system, and where it shouldn’t in various sealed compartments. Why do I think you shouldn’t worry about this at all?

Well, I’m pretty sure that if you have a hybrid car that sometime you’re going to end up driving through the rain, and you probably won’t be too concerned about that will you – of course not, and you will probably drive through puddles in the road, and water will splash up underneath your car, and there is a chance you might get out of your car and step onto a wet driveway or into a wet parking lot during the rain. You shouldn’t worry about these things, these cars are safe. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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