Build an Electric Car – How to Convert Your Car Into an Electric Like a Pro

Electric cars are getting popular nowadays, especially that prices of diesel and gasoline never cease to increase. This type of vehicles is very convenient, in such a way that you can gain more savings after spending zero dollars on fuels. Moreover, you can experience the same satisfaction just like the internal combustion-powered vehicle.

Some of these satisfactions include a noiseless drive, a high-speed run, and savings on both time and money, especially that you do not have to worry on where to gas up and how much to spend again on fuels. In addition to these benefits, you will also have a chance to save mother earth, since electric cars were proven by research studies to give off no smoke at all, thus decreasing the rate of air pollution.

Converting your car to run on electricity is easy. But if you do not want to get greasy and dirty, there are several companies that are already selling readily made electric cars. But there are also companies, like the Canadian Electric Vehicles that sell electric car conversion kits for people who want to install the electrical system in their car all by themselves.

Electric car conversion kits come in two forms, the universal kit and the custom kit. The universal kit, like the ones being manufactured by the Canadian Electric Vehicles and the Electro Automotive’s Deluxe Universal Kit, are intended for all types of light vehicles like cars and small trucks. The kit have all the tools needed for conversion such as the advance DC motor, Adaptor, Contractor, Controller, Pot Box, Circuit Breaker, Fusible Links, Amp and Volt Gauge, Shunt, Charger, Cables, and the Batteries.

On the other hand, the custom kits are made specifically for a certain type of vehicle, and it cannot be used in another type. Just like the kits that are only for Sentra, Beetles, Ford Rangers, Fiero, Civic or Rabbit cars. The purpose of having custom type kits is that there are vehicles that have different set up than other cars or trucks, thus it needs additional or special equipment for converting its engine to run on electricity, like the entire drive system and battery racks and boxes

Aside from knowing the types of electric car conversion kits, you should also be aware of the different guidelines in transforming your car and in using your electric car. You should first keep in mind that your car must have an enough space where you can place the batteries, and allow for adequate ventilation. You should also assess if you have the correct kit and if it contains all the necessary tools. After you installed all the items, perform a reassessment and check again if you connected all the parts properly. And when using your car, avoid going to rocky roads, so not to damage the parts of your engine. You can recharge the battery, and experts recommend that you should at least change it after three years.

If you want to avail complete tips on installing an electric engine to your car, it would be better if you buy an online guide showing you how to convert your car into an electric. This will aid you to be familiar with the parts and to connect them properly in place.

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