3 Tips For Riding Your Mountain Bike in the Rain

Riding your mountain bike in the rain is one of those things that you either love or hate. It does take a fair amount of self-discipline to step foot outside the house to ride your bike when the rain is pouring down but some people enjoy it. For those of us who are in different to riding in the rain there are a few steps that we can take to ensure that we do not get drenched to the bone, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the riding experience as much as is possible. So what should you do to get the most out of riding your mountain bike in the rain?

The most important factor to consider when riding your mountain bike in the rain is how you are going to stay dry. When riding your bike the clothing you wear should be cycling specific. This generally means that it will be roomy enough to allow you to take up your riding position but also not too baggy as to get snagged on any branches that you may encounter whilst riding on the trail. The most important thing though is that it is waterproof to keep the rain out. If you are looking to buy a waterproof cycling jacket you should try to get one that is also breathable so that you do not end up cooking inside your jacket and being soaked to the skin with sweat.

The second factor to take into account when riding in the rain is the tires that you have fitted to your mountain bike. Because o the water on the roads and trails from the rain you will certainly lose an amount of grip in your tires so it is important to fit tires that are designed to be ridden in these conditions. The Maxxis Ignitor is the ideal tire to fit in these situations, lightweight and grippy, just what you need. The Maxxis Ignitor tires have raised knobs will give added traction when cornering to give you the best and safest ride possible.

And finally you should always wear a cycling helmet when riding your mountain bike in the rain for safety reasons. Because you will generally find yourself losing grip when riding in rainy conditions you are more likely to suffer a fall from your mountain bike. Wearing a cycling helmet is certainly more important when the conditions are wet rather than dry.

To to sum up when you are considering riding your mountain bike in the rain I would make sure that you have a good quality breathable waterproof jacket, a good set of wet weather tires, preferably the Maxxis Ignitor and finally you should always wear a mountain bike helmet.

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