3 Factors To Consider Before Buying An Electric Bike

If you are seriously giving some thoughts into buying an electric bike, then you will have to know what are the considerations and criteria that a certain brand can give you.

1 – Price point

You should know that the price range of a lower end electric bike can be from $400 to 700 and the higher end bikes can cost between $1200 and above. Though people have the concept that maybe the more expensive the electric bicycles, the better it is, this may not be true. It depends on the model as well as some of the functions that you may never use but you are still paying for it.

Best advice will be to choose a bike that is within your budget, and do a little research online to get feedback about model you have in mind. My advice for first time buyers will be to buy at a lower price point to test out if an electric bicycle is what you will like. And if you find that it suits you, then you can consider a more expensive model the next time.

2 – Great Customer Service

One of the biggest problem is after you receive your parcel, the bike is actually in pieces, and you will have to fix it up. So a company with great customer service should be available to guide you along to fix up the bicycle, especially if fixing and dismantling is a problem for you.

Another need for a responsive customer service will be to get immediate support if the product you buy is not working properly or there are some damages while delivering the product to you. There are some instances whereby the buyers are so disappointed that they will ask for a refund. Sadly, it is not about the refunds, but we do hope that we can enjoy what we purchase without any hiccups, and a little service means a lot to customers like us.

3 – Weight and battery life

You have to know how exactly will you be using the bicycle for and whats the distance you will be traveling. My warning to you is that an electric bicycle is not light weight at all. There is a mount for you to lodge the battery and the frame has to be able to withstand the weight as well. So find a bicycle that has a weight you can easily pick up and push along. And the battery life has to be able to last the distance for you. It depends on what you will be going.

Of cos there is a pedal which will allow you to switch between pedaling and using the bike’s motor but you have to take into account if there are up slopes or down slopes in your destination as well. So plan out properly how and where you will use the bicycle and use this as a gauge on what model is most suitable for you.

There are a couple more factors before buying an electric bike.

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